Sunday, September 04, 2005

Randoms on a Sunday

This is just a post with some random points.

1. Fellow Bloggers are taking to posting tons of good places where and to whom you can donate money to. Check out the following people’s blogs who are listed on my right: Fat Guy, Iggy, Pauly, Maudie and Al. I tell you…these people and their hearts never cease to amaze me.

2. I also wanted to point out that Fat Guy has started a RV crusade to those in need. Here is what he had to say:

Please consider donating, for long-term use, your idle RV or travel trailer. We are opening our park to our good neighbors from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama who have lost so much in Hurricane Katrina. We have RV hookups available for their use, but we don’t have RVs. Your donation can make all the difference in the world to people who are looking for a place to call home for a few weeks or months as they sort through the aftermath. It’s absolutely crucial that we all work together to help out our friends and family. Please email ( or call (254-898-2825) if you’re able and willing to help out. We can help make arrangements for getting your RV or fifth-wheel to our place. Buck loves to drive.

I really do hope some of you can help in some way, shape and or form. His contact information is in the paragraph above and his blog is in my blog roll.

3. The Chinatown Poker room will be postponing their Monday $25.00 dollar tournament. This isn’t a for sure thing but it’s a probability due to the holiday.

4. We might be having a going away poker party for Pauly at the Chinatown club on Thursday. I will keep you posted on this but we will probably have the private room and everyone can play in the tournament first then we can start our own private game. This party is because Pauly will be leaving to cover various poker events in Europe. I’m not even going to mention, that he’s leaving us when our boys in pinstripes need him most down the stretch…cough!cough!

5. Last point. Go read my homies Derek’s blog…his link is to the right. He blew the doors off of Phil Gordon and this is why I always tell Derek that he should go Pro.

In closing, once again if you can help those people in the south in any way, shape or form that would be great.


At 10:04 PM, Blogger Scott Chaffin said...

Thanks for the link, Rooster. The most important thing is getting the word out, and you're helping. Muchly appreciated...


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