Friday, September 02, 2005

September 5th through the 9th there will be the 25.00 dollar tournaments taking place at the Chinatown Club where I won my Plasma TV.

What does the 25.00 dollars get you?

First, it gets you all kinds of free food. I’m sure they will be mixing it up in terms of choices, but the last time I was there it was Chinese and Sandwiches. With a nice mix of soft drinks and red bull to go with it.

Second, you get entrance into the tournament. I felt they gave plenty of chips and the blinds moved up at a good pace. It’s not an all-in fest like some tournaments can be. To their credit they gave time to play at each level and weren’t too strict with the antes being pumped up with the blinds. I liked the structure myself.

Third, the prizes rock! I’m not too sure about them giving out a plasma this time. But they are going to mix it up a bit here. I know they are toying with two options at this point in time.

1. Winners get a paid entrance into one of the 300.00 buy-in at the Borgota.

2. I’m not sure how many of these will be paid out for each tournament at this point in time but once I get that information I will get back to you (I hope it will be for 1st thru 5th or something of the sorts).

3. I’m not totally positive about this but I’m sure they are also going to give you some stuff to wear to promote their club if you win a slot (of course no address will be on this stuff…haha!).

4. Also they might have a suite at the Borgota for their winners to stop by if they want to relax during breaks and so forth.

This place is a class act when you think about it. What club in the city wants to do that for their winners who buy in for 25.00 dollars? If you can point me to one club then I will pay your buy-in to one of these 25.00 dollar events.

Two other notes of importance:

One, the girls who work at this place are hot!

Two, this is a schedule of the rest of their tournaments.

Non Free Roll Schedule

Mon- 50 Rebuy
Tue -100 Freeze Out
Wed-200 Freeze Out
Thurs- Free Roll Day free drinks and food $25 at the door
Fri -Day Off Regular play
Sat -200 Freeze Out
Sun -1000 Freeze Out

****Don't Forget , Friendship Benefits Program, any Existing member who registers a new member will recieve 20$ of time*****


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