Friday, September 16, 2005

Las Vegas pt. I

Every year John “The General” Lee takes a trip with fellow friends to Las Vegas for opening week of the NFL. Myself, I tend to regulate myself to the local bookie at the bodega and tell him, “100.00 on my Cowboys”. He laughs and tells me they suck to quit betting on them. I tend to roll over the money over for the following week and just put 20.00 bucks a game until the season ends.

This year The General decided that I should attend with him so I booked a flight some time ago. I called Grubby asking what games would be good and so forth. In any case, I didn’t know that Bobby Bracelet and the Almost Gay guy were going to be in town or else I would have made an effort to play at the Castle more.

What can you say about The General…he hooked it up again with the room. We were at the Mandalay Bay in a huge room with a nice view of the city. Nuff said. If The General is reading…thanks homie…I owe you.

So I got there early in hopes of sitting and getting some good poker in. The first day was fun and I ended up 150.00 ahead at Pauly’s favorite place…The Castle. This was due in part to getting to spin the wheel. Grubby would have been jealous, but I owe Grubby because if it weren't for him I wouldn't have known that the wheel is double. I was yelling for it to hit the one triple spot because they I would have got to spin again for six times the money! I ended up hitting 40.00 which ended up being 80.00 not bad for a spin of the wheel.

I wanted to play the stud game they spread there so I went and took a seat. Soft table and I was able to run over the table for the most part, but it was low stakes and I wasn’t winning much because they don’t ask you to post a blind there…thus, pots were only like 3 bucks or so. All I had to do when a face card was showing was bet the max…even if I had junk under everyone would fold. I did this for about an hour and I ended up like 30 bucks up but it wasn’t fun and I only won one big pot. I was out and I went back to limit.

Games at the limit table were soft but it was fun playing none the less and I was getting rather loose and I went back to Stud after a couple of hours of no-limit. I sat at a table with everyone being over 60 years old…it was awesome. No action what so ever but the people were funny as hell and all friends and there to have a good time.

Went to eat dinner at the Hard Rock where some guy who was on Iron Chef was the head cook. In any case, it was cool because he came out to our table but to be honest, he was rather uninspiring. But the food was good and as a foodie it was cool to meet someone that competed on Iron Chef America and won. The General wasn’t impressed with the food…I thought it was o.k. Then again, I’m never a harsh critic for food… I just like to cook and eat.

Then off to Ghost Bar or something like that on top of the Palms Casino…I’m awful with heights so it sucked. But the crowed was o.k. and we ended up meeting up with John’s buddy from the city who is cool. Drank like fishes and broke out to gamble and found out we suck at Craps. Off to play poker at Mandalay until 8:00 am and I did o.k. there.

Then we went and ate breakfast and back to the room to crash…continued next post.


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