Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Visit Tao of Pauly

Dr. Pauly has a really funny recording of me on his blog. What can I say, Dr. Pauly gets paid for crazy reporting and he caught me after an all night bender after my win.

I probably wouldn't have done all this in a sober mode...but the truth is that it was all in fun and Derek and I were talking about Mayweather being annoying with all his bling. Thus, I did my best mimic of him in the interview that was conducted by The Good Doctor. That is why we were all laughing during the video.

In any case, this wasn't meant to offend anyone...just good blogger fun. By the way, please never send this clip to my mother or sister...God knows what they would do to my beautiful ears if they were to see this.

If anyone wants to know what I was drinking I think that you should go visit GCox Here and he was keeping an eye on me because the Top Shelf stuff for us Mexicans was flowing. Thanks to everyone who helped me with the drinks and the purchases.

In closing, it was fun hanging with all you kids. Until next time when i come back to defend the title. I wonder if I will come into the tournament yelling...what time is it? and have some friends yelling, it's rooster time...ala Aaron Pryor also known as, The Hawk. For those of you that didn't get that it is o.k. just another boxing term...humor. I'm killing myself here.


At 1:12 PM, Blogger Schaubs said...

I really did have a strong feeling that you would take it down. When I saw you and started spewing out various (already obvious) strategies it occured to me that you were very very focused and determined. I am very happy that you took it down, I only wish I would have put up a prop bet then and there.

Well done and it was great meeting you man.


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