Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Typical of a B-Lister

So I go to this .B-Lister's blog to give him some traffic. You know, some of you help old people by taking them in a car to go vote. Me, I go visit B-Lister's blogs so they will get some traffic and feel good about themselves.

But there are times when B-Listers think to themselves. I got a great idea. Let me pretend like I came up with this cool idea for a post. Nuff said. So in this case, Bobby took my idea that I posted way back in December of 06 which basically uses Chinese Astrology.

Once again, nice has been done by The Rooster, and thus why you are a B-Lister, Son.


At 4:31 PM, Blogger Uncle Bracelet said...

Who was reading the Rooster way back then to notice? The Rooster and his mom, that's who.

Thus I could not have stolen your idea. And furthermore, even if it has the same basic premise I clearly took mine to a level that only a Dragon could take it.

You'll get props for having posting ideas on the level of the Bracelet, though.


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