Monday, March 03, 2008


“God bless those two little Mexican Men and what they did in the ring.”
Joe Speaker via text after the Vazquez v. Marquez III fight.

When a fanatic of everything sport texts you like that...well you know you did just witness a great fight. As we all know, The Rooster can pontificate when it comes to boxing. In this case, I can only say, I was humbled into silence.

The ebbs and flows of this fight and the brutality were close to heart stopping. Come to think of it, my heart did stop a few times. The purest of boxing fans loved the sweet science on display and the ability of each fighter to impose one’s will and game plan, only to have to readjust it to one’s opponents changes. The changes were small such as double jab as opposed to single and only could be seen by the trained eye. But the brutality of the adjustments could be seen by all.

In closing, I can go on and on about this fight. But like I said, I was humbled by these two men willing to give their life for my entertainment. It is yet to be determined what will become of these warriors. I have seen many of a man come out of that ring never to be the same mentally after a brutal battle. I hope that these two men will have their light shine a little longer for the epic trilogy they gave me and us as boxing/sports fans.

Also, if you want to get a wrap of the fight I send you here:
NOMAS. The boys at No Mas do a great job in following the Sweet Science. I would also visit their shirt shop for they do have some of the dopest shirts around that you can purchase. These bloggers are NY'ers and have a bit of street cred to them so visit their sight and check out their small movies they make about boxing and also check out their art work. What I like about this site is that they are doing their writing and grinding form the ground up...they have no corporate sponsors or don't come from tons of money. So big shouts to the No Mas crew for keeping it real.

Also, if you want to see some brtual pictures of the fight: Click Here


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