Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crushing and Cruising

What would you like first...Crushing or Cruising?

Let us start with crushing. So none other than Mrs. Tripjax makes an appearance again on this blog. What can I say, that little computer nerd Tripjax pulled a one outter on the river when he got Mrs. Tripjax...nice play, Donkey. Take the girl out two weeks straight to nice dinners sooner or later she is going to let you give her a kiss on the cheek. Lucky Mofo. So here is the latest photo of Mrs. Tripjax.

So all you B-listers there is a chance for you to land a pretty hot thing like this. For if a C-Lister like Tripjax can you.

Moving on.

Now for the cruising part.

Been building the bankroll in some live games and little visits to AC. Since my computer is broken I haven't been able to play online much and can't play Saturdays with Pauly Drama. Thus, I have been chasing the white line for games. Been fun because winning is fun. I have noticed that there are still some bad players out there and some of them have been watching too much T.V. I just sit there and wait and wait for good cards. I know, I know, that sounds boring and it is...but that is what gets the money.

If you are stuck in your game and need a little break may I suggest something to you. Read the following book:

I don't shill for Johnny Hughes but I do think there are a great deal of nuggets in this book to improve your game. Serious, if you need a good break from poker and another way to improve your game read this book. It really isn't a traditional poker book but it does teach you how to be a better player.

We have these things called dichos in Spanish. They are like...little sayings, little riddles, brain twisters, and comedy of ones self which force you to look at yourself.

There are people that speak in great-grandmother is one of those individuals. Not one sentence comes out of their mouth without a dicho. It is hard to understand these people because there are so many riddles in them and their speech. But once you get on board you understand what they are trying to teach you. One of my favorites she taught me was, "Joaquin, they come dressed in velvet but underneath they are wolves."

Read this book and you will learn many little riddles or dichos of the poker world. And just like the dichos my great-grandmother taught me, these will also help with your day to day life and also at the poker table.


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I have the book sitting on my coffee table. I should open it up soon.


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