Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Notes from AC

I jumped on the bus that made two stops in AC. First stop at Resorts and the other at the Showboat Casino. I took note that the Showboat moved the poker room downstairs. They were spreading 1-2 NL and 2/4 Limit…not my style as of yet.

The first person to help me at Showboat for my 20.00 dollar return was a Filipino. Grubby would be proud when out of nowhere I asked him if he played slots? He gave me the inner-circle smile.

I see the NO WHAMMIES slot machine. I text Grubby, No Whammies! No Whammies! Stop! I get a prompt response from Grubby (for the record, Grubby doesn’t email or text much), “Are you playing? That’s my voice on the game.” Sorry, The Rooster only plays poker.

Get my 12.00 dollar cab ride to the Borgata and sit at the 10/20 mixed game. Some of the regulars are there. Look down and find A2xx a few times with not much in the way of suited and such to go along with it. I play a few flops and don’t hit. I hit two big hands when I back into a full-house and a straight with the low in the Stud8 game. I’m up about 300 from pushing my hands on big draws and such. The Rooster loves this game because mixed games are easy. Two bad beats later and The Rooster collects his chips and walks away.

Off to the 3/6 game because the other games are a mile long and they aren’t opening up tables for them. I make a quick 100 when two of my flushes hit and I’m happy. Check raise the tourists who are calling stations and I’m good.

This is where the trip gets interesting:

As tradition dictates, The Rooster heads over to NOW (noodles of the world) to get some food in before I start my long second session. Low and behold The Rooster sees this nice little Asian girl sitting alone at the noodle bar. Waiter! The Rooster shouts: Lock Up Seat 4.

I take my seat and try to get a read. She looks tight-aggressive so it is going to take small talk...yes, The Rooster has got a hand to break a hand. Finally we get into chatter about poker, law, and of course all things NYC.

We chat for about 40 minutes and we complete our meal. She mentions that she wants to play Blackjack and if I want to join her. I mention that Bobby Bracelet thinks I’m bad luck. She tells me that I’m her good luck charm and come see her play. I’m thinking, sure twist my arm to see you blow through $100.00 bucks.

So we hit the Blackjack area and I take note that she knows what table she wants to sit at. Then I look and see the limits are 1,000 – 6,000 at that table. I’m like, Sweetie, I’m not staking you. She pulls out a wad of 100.00 notes and the guy counts out 10K. I was somewhat in shock but decided to play it cool. This is how her hands played out.

First Hand: 1K down and she wins.
Second Hand: 2K down and she wins.
Third Hand: PUSH
Fourth Hand: 4K down and dealer busts and she wins.

She grabs her chips and says, “Lets go, I have my shopping money for tomorrow.” The dealer looks up and cracks a smile at me. Just like that, within five minutes she won 7K. The scary part is that it was her shopping money. Did I mention that she was a pretty girl...o.k. I lie, she was fine! Holla! Nuff said...ABC.

But serious, I’ve seen guys go on some runs at the craps table but thye are building up to that size of bet. Her...she just put the foot to the gas and wasn't taking it off. Kudos to her but she made me question my masculinity.

In closing, I ended up only 180.00 bucks after dinner, bus ride and two mochas (one for me and one for my female friend...cough!cough!). As Bobby Bracelet would state: KA KAWWWW!


At 2:43 PM, Blogger grubette said...

Goodness do not actually give hope to grubby that people actually win big at blackjack.

At 12:37 PM, Blogger Derek McG said...

maybe that girl can stake me at the blackjack table!


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