Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tis Been A While

Of course I feel like an ass for missing Pauly's Tournament yesterday but the computer was acting up. I took it in to get fixed and it wasn't done on time for the tournament which sucked. I heard a lot of people showed and it is just a testament to Pauly's wide audience which I consider myself an old school reader. No, that is not an attempt to say that I'm better or more interesting than you, it just means that I have been reading Pauly's blog since the start. I was a lurker for a while reading about his days on Wall Street and remembering mine. Wow...was it that long ago?

In other news. AlCan'tHang is throwing the bash soon enough and I can't wait. Serious, it seems like last year that I mooched a lift from the McGuire brothers to The Bash. We did AC for a bit and then we went to The Bash.

Side Note: This is when the Sore Loser was noticed.

Good times had by all...there were even a few Italian Girls with Hairy Arms that were cute according to Bobby. I do hope that some people who are on the fence about coming can make it. Serious, it is going to be fun and I'm even taking a day off to get the lay of the golf course the day before. Rumor has it that Drizz will be riding around with the beer girls on the course...ladies, don't let Drizzy drive after Captain and Coke...let's just say I seen him try to steer a wheelchair down the Vegas the way, that should rank as a Top 5 Blogger Moments.

Viva Brett Farve!!! Free Brett Farve! Free Brett Farve!


At 12:08 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

Airport - Rental Car - Golf Course - Drunk

In that order.


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