Friday, August 15, 2008

What Up?

AC here I come!

So today is the start of some new poker goals. I had taken some time off because my head wasn't right for poker but now I'm ready get back in the mix. I tend to play cash games but I will play a bit online to get the blood flowing again. I like to play tournaments just to play a lot of hands on multiple tables.

So lets get started with some news shall we.

One, you have to go visit my main man DerekatPitW and his write-up about his time in LA. I'm a bit pissed still but I've learned to let cooler heads prevail. But if I'm ever in Bakersfield...look out! Also, I give props to Derek, he took the punch and smiled.

As we all know, Joe Speaker put his blog in the grave. What can I say, just keep visiting here and there he will pop up again. As I like to say about him and Otis, they like to cut their wrist with rusted fish hooks.

Speaking of Otis and the G-Vegas Crew (well not all of them are in G-Vegas anymore) they are back and posting daily!!!Click Here they have long been one of my favorite spots to visit when it comes to poker and they have funny stuff over there. G-Rob's and CJ are on a roll also in contributing which makes this Mexican happy.

Can anyone please tell me what happened to Helixx? Al, can we have a Helixx update?

If you want to get into the day to day aspect of poker and really getting into the whole mind/mental aspect of it...I say you go visit F-Train. He has a good way of looking at his game and it might give you some ways to break your game down.

In closing, I wanted to give big shouts to some people on my blogroll in no particular order.

BG - Congrats on the new gig.
Human Head - Congrats on the new gig and being back on the grid (more pictures of the kid)
Drizz - Congrats on the new gig...remember, The Rooster knows all.
Reslpsa - Poor-Poor Reslpsa...bad beat on the ticket situation.
AlCan'tHang - Can we get some pictures of the ladies please. Thank you!

In closing, donde esta Maudie?


At 10:07 AM, Blogger RaisingCayne said...

So... how'd ya fare in AC?!


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