Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wall Street Game

I played the Wall Street Game last night and I have to say, I lost a buy-in. Yes, I suck that much. It was only 100.00 bucks but as odd as it sounds…a lot happened with those 100.00 bucks.

- Everyone brought their A-Game last night. I’m not saying that people don’t always bring it. Yet, more and more people played their cards and not by emotions. I have to say this was the most solid play that I have experienced at the Wall Street Game. People were laying down when they were beat and didn’t just put in a bit of money to see if they could hit. Sure it was low stakes but that type of solid play makes everyone a better player.

- I got some really good starting hands but the started to fall apart when I would pair and such. Since this was a mixed game I had to lay down some big hands when the turn would pair up and such.

- I read the board wrong once which cost me some money. I think this is what I took most from the WSG last night. Show when you are feeling good about playing. I was happy to be around smart people who had friendly banter, but my mind was in a million places and not on playing solid poker. Of all nights not to be there mentally it sucked because good poker was being played.

- It is funny that one person or two people can change the ebb and flow of a game. Mattie Ebbs wasn’t present last night and he always gets an action game going. This time the pots were good size but not Mattie Ebbs pots by any stretch.

- I saw Jordan from HOP was playing solid poker. I do wish to sit with Jordan sometime for he likes to talk hands out and that helps in me seeing someone else’s thought process, especially someone who switches gears as much as Jordan does.

In closing, although a buy-in was lost to be a bunch of B-Lister’s it was a learning process.


At 3:38 PM, Blogger Jamie said...

You lost a buy-in, but then you went to go see some *fine* ladies, judging from those pics! Damn dude, you a ballah fo' sho.


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