Monday, March 17, 2008


So many new bloggers and I keep trying to remind everyone of the old school bloggers. It is like BG always telling me that the rappers of today are far better than the rappers of the 80's. Or StB telling me that post-communist are much better that old school communist. In the end, the rappers of today are standing on the shoulders of Cool Moe D, Whodini, Grand Master Flash and such. That also goes with communist of today, they are still standing on the shoulders of communists from the past.

In any case, I thought that you all should go visit one of my favorite Los Angeles B-Listers out there. If you don't know The Cards Speak - Mr. HDouble then go visit his blog and see what he's doing over in Dublin for Full-Tilt Poker and the blogging community.

Also, this guy and Iggy-Cakes wrote a book together on getting to know poker tracker which you should pick-up if possible. Also, go read what HDouble use to write...good stuff in there and it will for sure improve your game. No, I'm not shilling and I'm not getting a full-tilt stretch cap for this promotion nor am I getting a few free tokens....cough!cough!

In closing, do hope you enjoy and speaking of Whodini.


At 2:41 AM, Blogger hdouble said...

Man, Whodini was the first compact disc I ever bought. Thanks for the props.


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