Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Last WSOP Event

I remember calling Bill Rini about a possible sponsor for the last Vegas event. He was of course kind to my submission but gave me the big facial (like Shaq in the paint, but in a very nice way and pointed out facts to me about why he was saying no). Of course I don’t always agree with Bill Rini and I tend always catch what he’s saying like 3 months down the road. Sorry, I’m short sighted like that sometimes and don’t grab the aspects or details of things at the first glance, I have to recount them in my head some time after to see the full picture. But what I have learned from dealing with Bill is that he tends to be a few steps ahead of the curve in his thinking about things and has a good thought out response to my crazy suggestions. That’s not to say that I still don’t have my doubts about online poker being rigged...heehee!

So where am I going with this whole thing? Well I have gotten to know many bloggers over the years and many who are too smart for their own good, many writers who are tortured souls (I love them the see them stew in their misery is great…sorry, it’s true), many artists (both actors and stage producers) who grind it out in life and on the felt, and just regular folks who enjoy talking and writing about poker.

Me, I’m just a dork who pounds stupid crap out on this keyboard and heads to AC to get bad beat over and poker is rigged.

But today it hit me of how much a funk our community was in. One, DP got the boot from his current job and is now forced to find job within the company in two weeks, Otis is trying to find himself (he’s a above), and the whole Joe Speaker break-up.

But today what has got me in a sad state is the whole Iggy throwing his last tournament for the WSOP. There is this classic picture of Joe Speaker, Otis, Bobby, and Easycure (forgetting one person here) and they have this huge smile on their face with Otis holding the hamma before the first event of the WSOP last year. Now it will be Gracie (my favorite girl from FL...sorry Pablo, don't blast me) with only one other person representing the community and to that I have to say, big fucken BOOOOOOO!!!

Well I tried to talk Iggy out of this like I have tried to talk Bill Rini into my crazy ideas. To no avail, I guess some people are just ahead of me curve wise. So with that said, join the last WSOP Tourney thrown by the Little Guy who first pimped my blog and who has pimped so many other blogs over the years. I lift and drink a warm Guinness for this event and will be drinking while playing in honor of the “Little Person” and friend, Iggyman!!

In closing, I do have a 10.00 bounty if you knock me out, but you won' below post. I'm doing this solo like after Tony Killed Monolo (Manny). Then I will be sitting like this:


Blogger WSOP Satellite Tourney
PokerStars - Private Tab
April 3rd
$30 +3
No Limit
Password: socoshot


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