Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Top 10 List

This is going to be some random stuff that is on my mind so please excuse the jumping around on this post.

*New Rooster of the Week has been posted.

Random 10 Thoughts:

1. Shep from G-Vegas is the man. More Shep please to the boys at Up For Poker. Shep is the lineman of the G-Vegas Crew…not enough ink on the man.
2. I hear that Al wore a tie and purchased Eva a dozen roses on their first date…rumor or true?
3. I need a hug from Maudie who always brings a smile to my face; you best be in Vegas this summer.
4. Derek and I are on Mega-Tilt with Zeek and his stupid choices.
5. I’m jealous of Pauly with the killer sticky-sticky out in California…ahhh, I remember those days.
6. BG lost 35 lbs or so they say…interested in seeing the guy.
7. BadBlood is still using the cream from Balco..cough!cough! Now who counts those push-ups he did against me? Fine. Then I count all McGwire's HR’s.
8. Poor Otis, I can only see Iggy behind him after the ROSAMBO loss…no, really Otis, I’m sorry.
9. Bill Rini has been on fire with his posts again, thank goodness.
10. Biggestron and Joe Speaker are dealing with some heavy stuff…visit and send some encouragement.

Spaceman is reporting for the Stars 101 in San Jose Bay for Bluff Magazine and he has a cool post about his first day and meeting up with bloggers at a 3/6 table. If you are there and playing track this guy down:

Pictures 016

CJ had a bad run which was odd to hear. He tends to be like Mariano Rivera and close when he is in the money. But then again, not everybody can be a Yankee…errr…no pun for the Southern Gentlemen of the blogging community. Things will get better, CJ and you will be on fire like a couple of months ago.

O.K. I have said enough with not saying anything. Hope all is well and take care.


At 7:55 AM, Blogger Maudie said...

[[[[virtual hug]]]] I will most likely be in Vegas sometime this summer - although it may not be during the planned WPBT event 8^( - August is the better time for me.


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