Friday, March 17, 2006


Often as I’m walking down the street here in NYC I’m stopped by average everyday New Yorkers and this is what they say, “Hey, I love your blog.” Yeah, I know, I know, being a celebrity isn’t easy my friends. But I figure fan stopping The Rooster isn’t a bad thing for I’m not one of those guys saying, I don’t want to be a role model like so many pro athletes. Nope, I extend my hand and say hello. You know, I give them a smile and sign an autograph or two. It’s just how I roll.

Now I was looking at AMNEWYORK (a small morning paper here in NYC for the many fans worldwide who might not know) and they are having a contest about the best blogs in NYC. I have won so many damn awards and stuff that this doesn’t seem important to me…thus, if you want to support some fellow bloggers here are the ones I’m voting for. Not that I’m trying to tell you who to vote for or anything.


– He is one of the oldest blogs I have read and I call him the Rock Star of NYC Bloggers. Him some Dwarf and some hippie rocker guy have been on my list from the get go. But The Tao is a funny mix of NYC with the world. Follow this guy as he travels around the word and to every borough here in NYC…visit both his sites when you have the chance.


– What a champ she is. A crossword, karate chopping, beer drinking, looking for love in the city type of girl, and did I mention that she’s cute to boot!!

Little Vamp – Little Vampy is sick now but she’s trying to get better so we can meet up to eat at some of the finer and not so finer things and places here in NYC. If you know of a hole in the wall that you love the chances are the Vampy has been there.


– Some new girl to the blog world. I love her rants and you have to smile at the wide range of crazy stuff she writes. Her first post on your blog is by far one of the better posts this year.

The view written above are that and those of “The Rooster” and are law. Thus, if you don’t vote please let me know so I can send you a pound of horse crap from my ranch back in California. Nuff said.

Vote Here: AM New York


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