Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vegas Report One

I’m really not sure where to start here to be honest. I suppose this is just going to be odds and ends about what happened in Vegas. And yes, I did make the trip in the end. Sorry it's taken so long for the post to go up, I've just been busy as hell with stuff.

First, it brings me great sadness to report to you, my loyal reader (thanks Mom), that Derek’s cherished Burrito Streak has ended. Yes, you can put it up there with the string of Hot Dog eating victories by Kobyashi, Joe D’s consecutive game hitting steak, and of course E. Smith’s consecutive 100 yard seasons. Yet, like all these great streaks, this one came to an end on a hot summer day in Vegas. There was hype in these parts if the streak would continue and if the streak should be honored if it left NYC. As a New Yorker (first time I have ever said that, but after so many years here I have to admit I am one) I wanted the streak to stay here in NYC and be owned and maintained here. Yet, Derek made the case that Joe D and E. Smith had to leave their respective stadiums to continue their streaks. Thus, I let it pass. Yet, I had an odd feeling that the streak wouldn’t continue. I had bookies in the Bronx giving me too good of odds that D wouldn’t break. Yet, deep down inside I knew if I were to bet against D this would be the time. Thus, I put 100.00 with Vince “Break Your Bones” (can’t say last name here) that Derek would break. When I went to collect my money in some Italian Social Club in the Bronx they said we were in on the bet together and to get my money I would have to choose, “left or right?” Being that I don’t want any of my legs or arms broken I departed after saying, “push”. Nuff said.

Second, there are some people to thank. All my friends of the WPBT who wrote me and asked me to show to Vegas…your words via emails and calls were all too kind. I wish I could say names but I don’t want to leave anyone out and all of you know who you are and some of you who wrote comments on my blog. Thank you.

Third, Iggy for backing me. Also, to Pauly for lending me $100.00. I still need to send both of you your money and also the % of profit. As most of you know, I’m holding onto my pennies because I’m jobless, and these guys without hesitation tossed me some money to help me out until I get my new job and can put my poker money back into poker and not bills. Thanks, Fellas.

Here is Pauly saying hello and Pauly with the writers:



Forth, to those whom I spoke to and sat next to and learned so much from in terms of poker. Glenn, thanks for the words you gave me about playing more than my cards… sometimes I need to be reminded of this and pay more attention. Spaceman, what can I say, seeing you be so patient in Crazy Pineapple taught me a lot…don’t play too many hands. Donkypuncher, no matter how short stacked do not get too excited and push…always pick your spots even when short-stacked, you can always make the final table. Bill Rini, thanks for reminding me that no matter where everyone is going that sometimes you have to stay where the game is so damn juicy.

Fifth, Pauly Drama and D, remind me never to show up to your room upon my arrival to Vegas. I drank some of that special tea that Change100 brought from L.A. and you all said it would help me relax and take my pressures of NYC away. I went to my room and crashed out and had these nightmares of monsters chasing me naked down the strip. What was in that tea? Serious, I was toasted the rest of that day you guys crack me up…only the McGrupp brothers can pull that act.

Other Notes:

Pinky, my best friend in the whole wide world. Thank you for pushing me to leave NYC for Vegas. You are always in my corner Pinky and I thank you for your support on this trip also. I send you mad love and hugs…you are the best friend a Rooster can ever have.

Here is the latest picture of Pinky:


I was wondering where all the bloggers were on the trip. I read that they were all at the Negative EV tables playing. Sorry folks, I just stay away from those games or else I will end up in tears like this guy.

I loved it how I said jokingly, “Otis, I would sit at the table here but I don’t want to take everyone’s money away.” Otis was quick to point out that the number eight chair was open and he would welcome me sitting down. No thanks, I will take a pass.

McDonalds. No matter how many people knock you, you will always make me happy in Vegas! Thanks for the meals.

To the Asian girls who walked by Donkeypuncher and myself and made a play for our junks. Serious, this is a true story. I quickly turned to them and yelled, “his wife is 7 months pregnant.” Then one responded, “well then we know what he needs right about now if she’s that far along.” O.K. so those words weren’t exchanged, but they did grab our junk…of course the girl who grabbed me took a look first and did the double hand grab…nuff said.

To April. You did a great job with the tournament. The structure was great and that poker room was sweet. Not to mention the guest Roshambo rocked. are my hero. Thanks for working so hard on getting speakers to come.

So this is my picture dump of the weekend.









At 6:57 PM, Blogger Derek McG said...

i'm so glad you made the trip . . . too bad the burrito streak ended . . . viva la mcdonalds!

At 7:36 AM, Blogger Frank said...

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At 2:26 PM, Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

Great to meet you, Rooster!

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Dude, what she gave me wasn't a junk-grab. It was a hand-job.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Oh, and yeah. Glad you made it out!

At 8:52 PM, Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

Great meeting you Rooster. And I get the Robbie Benson thing all the time - never once got me laid, but c'est la vie!


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