Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Billy "Teddy Bear" Rini


The above guy is having a cool WSOP Fantasy League for bloggers. If you don't know Bill Rini...well visit his blog. Pauly calls him the Jacque Custo of Bloggers. Me, I just call him the "Teddy Bear" because Bill just a guy you want to give a hug and you doing. If you get a chance to sit and talk to this guy about poker at the WPBT you should. He's about at about the third level of thinking when it comes to poker and that's deep. He has to be one of the more successful players in the community, but you would never guess it for he's like The Dwarf just as happy sitting and playing in your 4/8 game as your 30/60 game. In any case, he's running a Fantasy League over at Full Tilt so go PEEPS IT!


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