Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp!

Well run over to Iggy’s place and wish him a happy birthday. There is only one problem, there is no email address or comments section. How does one contact, Iggy...well he just kind of shows up with his booster chair and takes a seat and plays poker. Now I don’t have anything against the booster chair or small people, I just thought I would let people know that there are certain seats that you need to help the guy up and down from...such as a bar stool. Well run over and read his blog he has some great content up. Read how that one cat like 25 tables at one time…insane. By the way, this is the only known picture of Iggy:


If you really want some great reading go hit this guys site...the one on the left, Pauly for he has been writing some kicks ass posts at both sites, The Tao Of Pauly and The Tao of Poker. On the other hand, if you want to know how to fucken steal a Premiership two years in a row go visit the guy to the right, Al. Nuff said.

Hollywood and Manchester Fan

Now this is an interesting one. These guys will guarantee you more traffic to your site if you post your banner with them. Serious, they get tons of hits from degenerate gamblers who are desperate for 19 year old girls…so GGW (girls gone wild) should post their banner here. They aren’t paying me to pimp their blog all I’m getting is this:

1% of CJ’s luck
2% of Sr. Otis’ writing skillz
0% of G-Rob’s luck and Tiltometer


And my Main Man, Derek’s Blog turned, Dos...that’s "Two" for all you none Spanish speaking MOFO’s. I say learn Spanish, it’s the official language of the U.S. now...heehee!

D's First Pack From Machine Ever

Also, the guy in the pictures below is playing at my and TeamScottSmith place of residence when we are in Vegas (see picture below). So send him all your mojo, mofo’s.

Pictures 025

My Home

Also, I hate to admit this, but for some reason I get tons of action with this shirt. No, not when I wear it at the tables, but on the streets of NYC. A few cuties have told me they like my shirt. So you might want to hit DonkeyPunchers site and pick one up. Also, he has a post about rap music he likes to listen to while playing. I put my top five list up there. Oh, and the girls look at me strange when I tell them that the shadow was taken from an actual picture and the guy (DP) is gay, but he’s having a kid to cover it up…yes, it’s too much of a stupid inside joke for them to understand.



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