Saturday, January 06, 2007

Today Is Our Day! Long Live Tony Romo!

I put a bet offer out there to Brandon and he didn't bite. If the Cowboys win he would buy The Roosterinto the main event. If he won then The Rooster would buy him into the Main Event...I heard nothing.

Sure it is a big bet on a QB that has never been in there before, but the truth is...that Mexicans like Tony Romo and The Rooster thrive under the spotlight. Since Brandon didn't take that bet I took it off the table.

I was willing to tone down the bet with Brandon. That if the Cowboys (America's Team) win that he brings that cute girl he was at the Super Bowl with to the next Vegas gathering. If the Cowboys lose (which they won't) that I would take him and said girl to In and Out Burger at the next Vegas gathering. The Rooster Crows...KawKaaaa!!

I then went over to the second CrapHawks fan I know, Easycure. Yep, I put a 12-pack on the game. Still no response from Easycure so that bet will be off the table soon.

In closing, as you can see these CrapHawk fans have no faith in their team.

O.K. I'm leaving to watch the game


At 1:22 AM, Blogger Karol said...

Sorry...I wanted them to win too.


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