Monday, December 05, 2005

Another Vegas List!!!!

I have gotten a few discreet emails from fellow bloggers asking me to write more on what to expect in Vegas and game selections and such. So here is another list:

1. I would choose a table when playing with bloggers where there are a lot of higher stake players. I would probably like to play where Iggy, Otis, F-Train, HDouble and Pauly play. Reason being is simple; they are more likely to play hands till the end for the fun of it. You probably thought this would be murders row…right? Well think about it…these guys play higher limits live and these games are fun for them. The ebbs and flows at their regular tables are different than these tables and a bit of a strain mentally. Remember, when running bad at their tables it can cost you over 500.00. Not to mention, even if they know they are beat they will pay to see your cards, what’s another 4 dollar bet to these guys…they just want to sit with a drink, crack jokes, and relax at a table. Words of warning, don’t laugh, point, or make fun of these guys if you win a hand against them…they started at these limits and can go into A-Type player mode at any time…just keep the conversation light and funny and you will win some nice pots when they raise with nothing.

2. I would try and play one hand or a midnight tournament at the Horseshoe. This is where all the hype began and it’s the Mecca of Poker. So why wouldn’t you want to play at the Mecca? It’s like being a boxer and saying you don’t ever want to fight in the Garden. Shit, take a picture in front of the Wall of Champions.

3. If drinking isn’t your thing, don’t sit at any table with anyone from Al and BigMikes crew…nuff said.

4. If you want to talk poker there will be tons of people talking. I suggest you try and grab a second with someone who you’ve read and like what they say. Have a deck of cards on you and pull them out and ask them question of how they would play a hand. Simple enough but you learn tons. Don’t ask lame questions like…how do I play pocket Jacks…you can get that from 2+2.

5. You will meet some characters and really nice guys. I met this one guy named Paulo (I think he’s Gracie’s friend)…we called him the Jesus of the bloggers (when you see him you will know why)…I think this guy doesn’t even have a blog…he might now. In any case, just a great guy who is always up (serious, this guy is always up…never sleeps) and always has a smile on his face.

6. Ask before you take pictures of people. Nuff said. Read my previous posts about some of us being wanted for crimes in other states…cough!cough!

7. There are some bloggers who are very shy. You will know who they are when you meet them. Some are very artistic in nature and need room to be alone…it’s not them being mean or anit-social, it’s just in the nature. Living in NYC for so many years I have acquired some of these type of folks as friends, and I always thought it was them being rude or/and being pissed at me…but I learned over the years it’s just the way they are built.

8. Tip the dealers and waitresses these people are working class folks who put up with too much crap as it is from drunk tourist throwing cards…let’s show some class so they will want us back at the IP again.

9. Come by and say hello to me…and if you want to go out on the town…I’m down.

10. Say hello and thanks to two people. Bill Rini and Poker Prof. These two guys have been working hard on ideas and organization for this event. They will probably be too humble and say, “no, thank you for coming.” I say bullshit!! buy those guys a drink. You might also want to say hello and thanks to the IP poker room head guy…he got us the cheap room rates.

In any case, that is my top 10 of things for Vegas that you should do and think about.


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