Thursday, December 01, 2005

AC with Pinky

The one thing about being blogger in general (visit my other blogs on the right food and city blog) is that you get people asking…are you going to blog this? Those who know I blog anyways. Most of my friends ask me not to blog our crazy times in the city, who wants to hear about how I threw up all over the stripper then decided to paint the side of my cab with puke? That stuff is boring and better left on the streets of the NYC.

Anita at Emory MBA Graduation

Yet, when Anita “Pinky” Agarwal asked me if I was going to blog our A.C. trip I had to do it. After all, how can I turn down my favorite Indian and best friend in the whole world.

So in short here is a recap:

11:30 – Pinky picks me up at the New Brunswick train station in Jersey and we head to A.C. We fight over the music that should be played so we throw on Gretchen Wilson!!

1:00 – We pull up to the Taj, where the sand turns to gold (this is my line that Matt Damon stole from me when we use to hit the Taj back in the day and he used it for his poker movie...I think it's called rounders).

1:30 – Pinky loves to walk along the boardwalk so we walk in search of Pizza. I pay 8 bucks for two slices…A.C. pizza prices suck! Nuff said.

2:00 – I want to show Pinky a bit of blackjack so we walk into Bally’s...their country casino wing of course. They are playing Timmy McGraw over the speaker nad i think...gambling and country music...if the FatMan were here we could die and go to heaven...word! This is my type of place. We get killed for 40 quick bucks in blackjack. We then move to another table and get killed by another dealer...damn Asian pun intended Mas and General.

2:30 - I decide to sit Pinky next to me for a few hands at the Taj to show her how 7 Card Stud is played. I inform her that contrary to popular belief, 7 Card Stud is the real Cadillac of Poker. The old man to my left hears me say this and looks at me and nods. The 10-20 game at Taj is a bit fast for a newbie, so we sit at the 5-10 table in hopes of seeing some action. I pick up the first pot uncontested and Pinky looks tired of sitting there. She goes off to play video poker.

4:00 – I’m up about 100.00 bucks and text Pinky to come back to the table because I’m starting to run hot. Not to mention, I just want to make sure some old man at the blackjack table hasn’t got her sitting on his lap showing her how to play blackjack.

4:15 – Pinky arrives and she looks hungry. I pack up my 85.00 bucks after a vicious suckout-donkey-oldman move....haha! But I figure that I'm ahead which makes up for pizza, parking and tipping. Not to mention, there is enough for dinner.

4:30 – Pinky wants to show me video poker. I inform her that the Hangs from PA. tried to teach me this game in Vegas and the machine sucked my money out of my pocket.

5:00 – We play video poker and win nothing.

5:30 – I decide that Pinky should shoot the dice and I take her over to the craps table. Well as you can guess (as happens to all first timers), Pinky runs over the table with 15 straight throws. Stupid guy at the end didn’t want to put his 100.00 dollar chips down or else he would have won over a thousand easy. We are up like 200.00 or something like that.

6:00 – Pinky is getting into this gambling thing and her face is lit up (which I'm happy to see because she dispises poker). I try and teach her my blackjack method...nope...down another 40.00. I'm starting to think my blackjack method only works when John "The General" Lee is around.

7:00 – Dinner at the Showboat and there are all these young kids of blues and a few concerts. I notice all NJ girls...word! I never knew that the Showboat had such a poker room.

8:00 – Pinky sees a game she finds interesting...Caribbean Stud. Ouch! Up and down...up and down...we finally ended up down like 50.00 bucks here. Pinky keeps complaining how the dealer never qualifies when she has three of a kind...I tell her House has the Gold, and thus, makes all the rules.

9:00 – Rooster goes back to the Stud Table...Pinky sits listening to IPOD while watching horse races.

9:30 – Rooster feels bad that Pinky is sitting alone and then packs up chips +15.00 one win/one loss...good to go.

10:00 – Pinky is happy to go home and we fight about music home...I think we settled on Destiny’s Child. Yes, The Pinky loves Grubby like music.


At 3:57 AM, Blogger Pinky said...

Would it confuse things horribly if I left a comment here?!

At 6:40 AM, Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

You are the Pinky that sings for the Oxford Glee Club who came to NYC to play with some of the bloggers in the city (NYC)and in yes, in some ways...but it was funny as hell.

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