Friday, September 24, 2004

Low Limit

There is so much to write about the current state of poker. I, myself, being one of the individuals who grinds out a little extra dough for spending via poker finds it nice to see so many new faces to the poker rooms and cyber-poker- rooms of America and the world. This whole notion of grinding out a small living via poker has taken many low stake players (such as myself) by storm. But let's face it, it's a very hard life to live and catching the Greyhound from NYC to AC every week can become taxing. Not to metion it's hard to stay focused every hand via computer. There are several ways to combat the boaring lifestyle that comes with grinding out a few extra bucks via the 2-4, 3-6 and 4-8 tables either in the poker rooms of america or at home.

Walkman, Diskman, or MP3 - only use one earphone and most places are cool with you having one on. Pay attention so you don't miss the action at the table...if you are too focused on the music they might make you take it off. And please don't start singing at the table...only dorks looking for attention do that. I enjoy some clasical music - it keeps one calm and level headed...even when beat on the river.

Snacks - I always have some cashew nutzzz in my pocket when playing.

Phones and TV's - I always make it a point to turn these two things off. If I had a land line phone I would probably unplug it. I know this might sound very basic and somewhat over the top at the same time, but it's essential to get those extra distractions out of the way. I know in public poker rooms the tv is always on and the game is showing...tune it out!

Try and Improve One Thing - Every session I sit down I try and improve one thing. It can be basic like knowing where the button is every deal. This will improve your game and allow you to learn how to control a table in the future. I know this seems so basic to most of us, but I have learned that this builds not only knowledge of the game, but also stamina when playing. I read so many poker blogs that talk about this and books also...but until you grasp this your game will not improve. After seeing many hands delt in card rooms for hours, I have learned that picking something up here and there will improve your game. Currently I'm trying to improve my read on people. This is life-long I know, but trying to catch some of the little things on tells...I think I might have the shaking hand thing down...ok obvious, but like I said, little things.

In closing, I hope this might help you with your game. I will continue to post tomorrow on some books you might want to read to improve your game.


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