Monday, July 24, 2006

Back To Casa Ugarte

There is some simple rules of life that you have to adapt to when playing in certain neighborhoods of the poker world. For instance, don't ever keep your role in your front pocket or wallet when in the hood. I suggest either in the bottom of your shoe, the inside of your Yankee hat, or better yet, in your junk area.

So I got invited to play for the second time in a legendary game in Jamaica Crooklyn, NY. The game hosted by the comedian known as Ugarte and who tends to know every rule when it comes to poker (I even asked him for some rulings on situations I got myself into in big casinos and he called it just like the floor did). Oh, and when I say playing in the hood is tough and a somewhat risky proposition, check out the host. Word!


If you have never seen a Jewish brother with the rows going, well you can say you seen it here first on My Little Poker blog. I bring you the real shit like that.

So here was the line up for the 20 dollar buy-in with .25-.50

1: Urgarte
2: Chris
3: The Rooster
4: Greg
5: Moug (pronounced "mooge")
6: Beeeej
7: Frogman

This was a friendly game with some solid players in it and conversation flowed back and forth for most of the night...the topics ranged from air conditioners (notice the remote for the air conditioner to the right of the chips), good pizza in a black neighborhood, whose a good comic today, and of course how much it costs to get your cornrows done on your stoop in Brooklyn.


The house chips!

The game had a good flow and I was able to build my stack five times the buy-in at one point. Since I had a big stack I was able to play a variety of hands and the deck was hitting me in the face.

Beeeej was card dead the whole night. For the first time I was surprised that Ugarte didn't get any big hands and play them sneaky. The last two times I played with him he was able to hide huge hands and win big pots throughout the night. I started to put him on a lot of middle pairs, but the board would always bring monster flops. Chris, Mooge and Greg are family so they knew just about everything each of them had and there was a strong will to make each other go broke. Frogman is an ex-dealer who was a solid player and we had this great conversation on the train home as he spoke to me about improving my no-limit games and his take on showing and not showing bluffs/strong hands and how to set people up with your play. I thought his take was great and I learned a lot from that talk on the train home.

I really liked this game because I don't have a grasp on no limit and they boys were willing to talk about hands after they took place. Everyone was nice and it was a game of joy with a few tough calls that had to be made by people. I think I was forced in the tank about three times, two times very seriously.

Since I'm new to this game I didn't know a lot of the old stories of great games of years past that that the boys were talkinig about that have since broken up. I have those conversations with friends, too, and that's the interesting thing about poker, it brings you these odd friendships that come and go throughout time. And after those games break-up you realize how funny some of those people that use to annoy you are.

I think besides my conversation with Frogman on the way home, I took note how awful I played when I was tired at the end of night. The whole, this is the last round brought some stupid calls on my behalf and I lost a bit, but ended up for the night. Thus, in the future when beat to hell get out of the game so you don't make stupid mistakes.

In closing, I'm sure that I will always play this game as long as I'm invited. I wanted to thank Ugarte for the invite and the soda, but I also wanted to thank the guys for not being tools during the game and keeping the flow going. Also, Beeej, I hope the leg gets better soon.


At 7:46 AM, Blogger Charles Star said...

Calling out of anger will kill you every time. And I wish I knew the rules half as well as Frogman. That is a dude that knows what the floor will do.

And I'd like to publicly apologize to Moug for calling with Ace-Ten and thank the Poker Devil for all of those clubs.



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